SKIF Kumite Syllabus

Gohon Kumite - Five step sparring

No. Attack Response Counter
[1] High punch x 5 High block Reverse punch
[2] x 5 Outside forearm block Reverse punch

Sanbon Kumite - Three step sparring

Attack No. Response Counter
jodan(R), chudan(L), front kick(R) [1] High block(L) - Outside forearm block(R) - Down block(L) Reverse punch
[2] High block(L) - Middle block(R) - Reverse Down block(R) (same arm as middle block) Jabbing punch(yodan, L) - Reverse punch(chudan, R)
[3] High square block(L) - assisted middle block(R) - scooping block(L) (All in back-stance) Reverse punch(R) (in front stance)
[4] Mountain block(L) - palm heel block(R) - down block(L) (All in horse stance, perpendicular to attacker) Mid-level elbow strike (also in horse stance, scoot towards attacker)
[5] Spinning high block - spinning outside block - spinning down block (All in front stance) Reverse punch (in front stance)

Kihon Ippon Kumite - Basic one step sparring

Attack No. Response Counter
High punch [1] High block(L), front stance(L) Reverse punch(R), same stance
(jodan oi-zuki) [2] High sword hand block(L) (R steps back to R, back stance(R) Sword hand stirke(R) (head, rotate to Front Stance(L)
[3] Side high block(R) (L steps diagonal L, R follows to cat stance) Side snap kick(R), elbow strike(R - ribs), R leg behind opponents R leg
[4] Cross block(R over L, hands open, palms out) (grab with right after block) Roundhouse kick(R) - spin CCW 180 to front stance(L) to opponent's right, reverse elbow strike(L)
[5] high block(L) L-Foot half back - front kick(R leg) - rising elbow strike(R)
[6] open hand inside block(L) (front stance(L) (simultaneous with block) ridge hand(R) (yodan)
Attack No. Response Counter
Straight punch [1] Outside forearm block(L) Reverse punch
(chudan oi-zuki) [2] Outside forearm block(R) Elbow strike (Horse stance)
[3] Inside forearm block(R) Jabbing punch - reverse punch (head, chest)
[4] Sword hand block(L) (back stance, 45°-R) Front kick (L, chudan) - Spear-hand (chudan)
[5] Elbow block(L) (R steps back, spin 90° into horse stance) Spinning(180°R) elbow strike(R)
[6] Hook block(R) (R forward into cat stance(L) Palm heel strike to chin (same hand, R forward into front stance(R)
Attack No. Response Counter
Front kick [1] Down block(L, front stance(L) Reverse punch(R)
(mae-geri) [2] Reverse Down block (R, front stance(L) Jabbing punch (jodan)- reverse punch (chudan)
[3] Downward cross block(R over L, fist, front stance(R) Double sword hand strike(R over L, front stance(R)
[4] Down block(R) (cat stance(L) - 45°L) Elbow strike(R) (Front stance(R)
[5] Scooping block(L) (L steps back into back stance(L) Reverse punch(R) (Front stance)
[6] catch kicking leg with R (L steps forward into front stance(L) sword hand strike(L) to neck (simultaneous with catch)
Attack No. Response Counter
Roundhouse kick [1] Inside block(L) (R steps forward, spin 90° L into front stance(L) Reverse punch(R) (chudan)
(mawashi-geri) [2] Double forearm sword hand block (135° spin to L on R leg into horse stance) Assisted elbow strike (R) (chudan, horse stance, scoot towards target)
[3] Outer block(R) (L moves back, spin 135°L into back stance) Front kick(R) Reverse punch (to front stance(R) on punch)
Attack No. Response Counter
Side thrust kick [1] Outside forearm block(L) (front stance(L), slightly off line with rear leg) Reverse punch(R)(chudan)
(yoko-geri kekomi) [2] downward side square block (forearm, R leg back, turn 90° into horse stance) ridge hand(R) (jodan, shift to front stance(L)
[3] Reverse down block(R) (L steps out, spin 90°L into front stance (L) Side thrust kick(chudan) - Elbow strike(chudan) (into kiba dachi on elbow)

Jiyu Ippon Kumite - Semi-free one step sparring

Attack No. Response Counter
High punch [1] high sword hand block(L) (Inside, L foot steps diagonal right) Reverse punch (chudan)
[2] rising palm inside sweep block(L), dodge slightly L Reverse punch to ribs (same time as block), push opponent away with L, retreat diagonal L
[3] High block(R) (Outside, L steps back to L into front stance(R) Front leg roundhouse kick(R) - reverse punch(L) - push opponent away with L, spin away CW
[4] L draws back,almost into cat stance, open hand inside block(L) Palm heel strike(R) to solar plexus (trans to front stance(L)
5 Tobi osae uke (jump press block) Tobi geri - Uraken uchi
Attack No. Response Counter
Straight punch [1] R steps to R, front stance at 45°, Outside forearm block Migi Reverse punch
[2] Step back with L, feet almost in line - Circular inside open handed block downwards Jodan Uraken uchi (right fist starts from left shoulder, backfist to head)
[3] Tai sabaki, L foot shifts to L, rotate 90° R into R front stance, simultaneoulsy attacking with - Mid-level reverse punch to ribs
[4] (in L front stance) Front kick(R) as punch starts, Down block(L) incoming punch Jabbing punch(L) to chin
5 Gyaku down block Jodan Ushiro Roundhouse kick - Osoto gari - Gedan zuki
Attack No. Response Counter
Mae geri [1] Tenshin (R foot steps to right, turn 45° L in front stance), Left Gedan bari (45° inside) Right Reverse punch (chudan)
(front kick) [2] Step diagonal back with left foot, Right down block (45° outside) Hikite, Right Jabbing punch (jodan)
[3] Gedan Juji uke (meet kick with cross block) spin 180° R on L foot, left knife hand to throat
[4] Step Forward diagonally to the left into R front stance, and block right Down block in passing Pivot on R almost into back stance, punch to opponents back
5 Step forward diagonally to the right, and block left scooping block Body bar with right forearm, lift and scoop opponent.
Attack No. Response Counter
Roundhouse kick [1] Tenshin, Middle block (45°) Migi Reverse punch
[2] Step forward - left reverse punch de-ai Tenshin, Jodan shuto uchi
[3] Twist, morote tate Sword hand block Roundhouse kick
Attack No. Response Counter
Yoko Geri [1] Tenshin(R steps behind to front stance at 45°), Outside forearm block Right Reverse punch
2 L steps back into R front stance (45° CW), left hand blocks, right strikes simultaneously (hands open) Kizami tate zuki (punch to chin, fist vertical)
(side kick) 3 L steps back and to r, rotating 90° CW. Left side square block (inside forearm) continue spin 180° CW, mid level elbow strike.
Attack No. Response Counter
Ushiro geri [1] Step back, left hand downward sweep Kizami mawashi zuki
2 Step back, right side square block Spin into left ushiro geri
3 Slide left foot forward, right scooping block Left hand on shoulder, tilt and foot sweep
Attack No. Response Counter
Jabbing punch [1] Dodge left, right uraken Twist into left reverse punch
2 Te nagashi uke + ko uchi gari (foot sweep) same time Chudan ura zuki - push away
3 Rising palm sweep block + uppercut (rooted stance) Push away
Attack No. Response Counter
Reverse punch [1] Tenshin, Jabbing punch (45°) Right Reverse punch
2 Dodge left, right gyaku down block + Roundhouse kick (same time) Jodan shuto uchi, step through and turn
3 Down block Uraken (same hand)