Normal Minimum Training Times between grades

Grade RangeNormal minimum times between gradings
Below 3rd Kyu (Brown Belt)Normally 3 months training twice a week
3rd Kyu & 2nd KyuMin 3, normal 6 months training twice a week
1st Kyu to 1st DanMin 6, normal 12 months
1st Dan to 2nd Dan2 Years and over 16 years old.
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan3 Years
3rd Dan to 4th Dan4 Years
4th Dan to 5th Dan5 Years
6th Dan and aboveVery Exceptional

The examiner, in conjunction with the Club Sensei, can use discretion for the kyu waiting times.
Only Kanazawa kancho can vary the Dan Grade requirements.
Grading examiners can vary up to two of the kihon / kumite grading requirements.